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School management involves the systematic organization and administration of various aspects within an educational institution. This includes:

1. **Admission Management:**

  Streamlining the admission process, from application submission to enrollment, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in student enrollment.

2. **Student Management:**

  Comprehensive student data management, including personal details, academic records, and extracurricular activities, to facilitate effective monitoring and support.

3. **Attendance Management:**

  Tracking and managing student attendance, promoting a systematic approach to monitor student presence, and identifying any patterns of absenteeism.

4. **Fee Management:**

  Handling the financial aspects of education, including fee collection, tracking payments, and generating reports to ensure transparency and financial stability.

5. **iCart Generation:**

  Facilitating an easy and user-friendly system for generating individualized course or activity carts, allowing students to select and manage their academic preferences.

6. **Result Generation and Printing:**

  Automating the process of result generation based on academic performance and providing a seamless method for printing and distributing results to students and parents.

7. **TC (Transfer Certificate) Issuance:**

  Managing the issuance of Transfer Certificates when students transition to new schools, ensuring accurate and timely documentation for a smooth transfer process.

Efficient school management systems integrate these functions, promoting a cohesive and organized approach to educational administration, benefiting both students and staff.